seventeen syllables about the humor, inspiration, and pain in running

Time To Get Up And Go

No inspiration
Running while fat is no joke
Need my inhaler

I will write when I
Start training again and get
This lard to jiggle


This is not a haiku

From an old bohemian colleague. Ok, from Willie Nelson, but reiterated by a friend during his travels. You guys should start submitting haiku.  

He emailed from Peru. I lost track of his destinations. I’m learning from his free spirit. 

Goin’ places that I’ve never been

Seein’ things that I may never see again

And I can’t wait to get on the road again…
Insisting that the world keep turning our way

And our way

Is on the road again.

              Willie Nelson

LA temptations

Food/drink seduction

I’ll run when I return home 

So I can eat more.  


Surprise in China

Surprise in China
Big German girl out of place
Running adventure

No Facebook allowed
Denied on Twitter as well
Thank God for WordPress




Somehow I missed this submission. I apologize. Thank you, Jim Ballard, for writing. 
November day run

Caterpillars on the path

They are running too


By Michele. Happens to describe this morning’s run perfectly.

The fog is not bad,
It is better than the rain,
So I won’t complain!



The Little Dipper

The Little Dipper
Is the easiest to spot
Night run reveals all


FitBit Challenge

FitBit Challenges
Make you do stupid things like
Walk in pajamas

Looking goofy in
Boat shoes and a winter coat.
Last push for the win.



The best and the worst

Remind me to train
the next time I commit to
run a relay race

To make matters worse
national Nike runner
is leading my team

Thousands of runners,
only we can lay claim to
the best and the worst



The commode that bonds

Last year, JoggingJeans, Stride and Joy, her husband Andrew, and I ran in Pittsburgh together. It was the first time I saw a portable toilet with a flush pedal and, well, things have not been the same for me since. It was a fantastic weekend. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to run together this weekend. Tracey and Andrew are busy with their new alien, I have work and that leaves Ms. Jogging Jeans to carry the torch for us all. Before she left for the start line, she sent us a photo and of course I had to do a haiku.

Happy running to everyone with a race today. Break a leg. But don’t.

Runners share a bond
Like the appreciation
For no lines to pee


Photo from Jogging Jeans

Photo from Jogging Jeans

Are we the only ones with flushing portable toilets? I had to know.

Are we the only ones with flushing portable toilets? I had to know.


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